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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s No. 1 nightlife destination

A must-do course is ‘SANTOKKI Karaoke’.

You must definitely stop by.


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32 Đ. Đề Thám, P, Quận 1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

WeChat ID : santokkiKTV

SANTOKKI KTV always welcomes guests from all over the world!❤️

– Consultation is available through WeChat, LINE, Zalo, Telegram, and KakaoTalk messengers.

Although I am not good at foreign languages, I will do my best to answer.

– We operate exactly on a scouting system. Please refer to the prices on this website.

– SANTOKKI KTV has more than 60 employees coming to work every day.

– You can sing songs in various languages through YouTube accompaniment.

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Hochiminh City Karaoke SANTOKKI ktv


호치민 산토끼 가라오케 ktv
호치민 산토끼 가라오케 ktv


The service quality and atmosphere of our Ho Chi Minh SANTOKKI Karaoke, located in District 1, the center of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, cannot be compared anywhere else!^^

We promise to serve you with utmost care even if you are visiting as a single person rather than a group customer, and we promise that the manager in charge will take care of you from start to finish so that you can fully enjoy nightlife services that you have never experienced before.

We will guarantee you an unforgettable time at Santokki KTV, the unrivaled top 1% in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 

hochiminh city ktv

“I’ll tell you a little about Ho Chi Minh SANTOKKI Karaoke.”

01. Amount
100% scout system. We are confident that our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority.

02. Room condition
We provide the best atmosphere by introducing the best interior and sound system in Ho Chi Minh City.

03. Care system
Experience a different level of care with perfect support from a top-level veteran manager specializing in Ho Chi Minh karaoke.

04. Time limit
The amount of time you can enjoy at Santokki Karaoke is endless. Since there is no time limit, you can enjoy drinking and dancing as much as you want.

05. Choice
There are endless goddesses waiting for you who are perfect not only in size but also in mind. The room door won’t close until you find the partner you like.

“All of these people are welcome!”

Those who are hesitant because it is their first visit to KTV Karaoke or their first time overseas.
For travelers who want to experience the new nightlife of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Those who want a secret and secret meeting for business (business trip) or tourism purposes.
Those who want to enjoy the taste and atmosphere of Korean alcohol even overseas.
Completely confidential! A solo customer who wants a secret escape.

Please tell me which case it applies to.
We will provide 100% customized support accordingly!

호치민 밤문화

“How do I make a reservation for Ho Chi Minh SANTOKKI KTV?”

  • WeChat : santokkiKTV
  • KakaoTalk : santokki333
  • Korea Phone Number : 010-3071-2904
  • Vietnam Phone Number : +84 332-262-904

Consultation available 24 hours a day!